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Motware Features

Multi platform Access Web & Mobile App Access

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Scalable and Flexible Architecture

Automated Customized Report Generation & Sharing

Secured Access to platform and Communications

Trend Analysis & Predictive Analysis

Embracing Digital Transformation

With the world embracing digital technologies, we believe it is about time to connect electrically powered devices digitally to leverage the tectonic technology shift. As an excellence-driven organization, Motwane is paving the way for an innovative product class: connected testing solutions.

These solutions are smart test-kits that have communication capability managed wirelessly through Bluetooth technology and the Motware App, At Motwane, we aim to solve the traditional problems of connectivity, scalability, resilience, and security using digital technology in all our product lines. Our futuristic, and customer-centric solutions and services are fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value.

Using connected solutions, we ensure that the assets under test, service department, and field engineers are cross-linked. This ensures the availability of complete and consistent 360-degree customer information to each department.

Leader in Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Established in 1909
  • Leader in Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Smart Urban Infrastructure enabler
  • Serving Several Markets, incorporating: Power (Generation, Transmission & Distribution); Government; Electrical OEMs; Industries; EPCs & Contractors

Motware Benefits​

Get Paid Faster

Maximize Productivity​

Ease of Compliance

Complete More Jobs in minimum time span ​

Enhanced Revenue​​

Enhanced Human & Asset Safety​

Save time and costs​

Open ecosystem through connecting APIs​

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction​

Data Integrity​

Minimum Downtime​

Enhanced Accuracy & Quality​

Motware Platform

A specialized application to provide integrated platform to track and record test data for various electrical \ non electrical assets used by manufacturers, OEMs, Electrical contractors etc.

Concept of Connected Solutions

Collecting error-free data for analysis is the first step towards creating high precision analytical models. And, the Motware App ensures that you are not limited to one method of data collection. Data can be organized and collected through the following ways

  • DIGITAL DATA ENTRY : The test engineer can enter the data collected manually from the tests to the Motware platform. This can be historical or present data which is recorded manually by a contractor or tester.

  • MOTWANE CONNECTED DEVICES : The test engineer can link Motwane’s Bluetooth enabled test kits to the Motware platform. This allows them to directly record the data on the required parameters without the need to maintain physical records. Compatible test kit of other make can also be used of Digital Testing.

  • IoTx – TRANSFORMER MONITORING UNIT : Motwane’s Transformer Monitoring Device can stream real time data about the health of the transformer to Motware, along with insights & Analytics.

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Reliable & Trustworthy

More than ten long and eventful decades ago, the late Mr. G.C. Motwane, our Founder, laid the foundation stone of this business house. Our source of inspiration is his motto:​"Be Bold, True, and Resolute"

Digital Evolution in Testing, Reporting

Earlier Practice

  • Manual Reading & Recording​
  • Hardcopy of Report​

  • Drawback​
  • Prone to Manual error​​
  • Manipulation​​

  • Limitation​
  • No Trend Analysis​​
  • No Storage Historic Data​
  • No Data Integrity​​
  • No Standardization​
  • price-icon
    Current Practice

  • Automated Reading & Recording. Manual Report creation per Test​​

  • Benefit​
  • Local storage of Historic Data​
  • Analysis limited to test parameter 

  • Limitation​
  • Only Proprietary Templates​​​
  • No data standardization​​
  • No Real Time validation​​​
  • No MIS Report​​
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    Future Trends

  • Automated Reading & Recording.​​
  • Real-time digitization & Validation​

  • Benefit​
  • Storage at Central Location​
  • Trend Analysis of Asset health​
  • Comprehensive MIS Reports​​​
  • Geo-tagging of Assets​​​​
  • Scheduling & Maintenance .​

  • Limitation
  • Internet connectivity
  • Why Motware

    • Driving Digitization –Easy to access and always accessible from anywhere, Enhanced security, Disaster recovery, Saves space, Stay Competitive

    • Simplified Test data collection & storage

    • Automated Asset Monitoring - Enhanced Asset & Human safety

    • Enhanced Accuracy

    • Managing Testing schedule with ease – Test Reminders, Alerts tec.

    • Optimum utilization of human recourses resulting in enhanced productivity

      Encryption Error free test data

      Analytics based on Online + Offline data

      On Line testing

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